Just Because…

Watch this video! This is a video of a security camera that apparently filmed a “ghost” going by! You can see a “ghostly” figure go by and hear it as well! I never was sure about the whole ghost thing, but now…well, just see for yourself! Let me know what you think it is!

WARNING: If you scare easily, are afraid of ghosts, are pregnant, suffer from a heart condition, or seize easily, then you may not want to proceed. You know you want to though!

3 Responses to “Just Because…”

  • Robin:

    Are you looking to give people heart attacks???? This got me good as I leaned closer to the monitor as I was afraid I wouldn’t see it pass.

  • Kevin:

    Oh no! Nate is going to come after me! :) I did put a warning on there though…

  • Jillayne Mac Leod:

    That has to be the worst thing I have ever seen in a You Tube video!!! Are you aiming to kill some body?!?!?!? Because you darn near killed me!!!!! haha

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