Happy Birthday Leah!!!

img_0399.JPGThat’s right! Today is Leah’s birthday. She turned 26 this morning around 9:38. She is now¬†old enough to save even more on car insurance (without having to switch to Geico).

Anyway, she is amazing! We have been together now for eight years (married for over two) now. It’s been the best eight years of my life. Our relationship has survived over three years of living apart, moving six times, and getting through college before we got married. Today we are living our dream of being together. She is my best friend!

We are spending the entire day together! She and I, me and she, her and me. I bought her a “birthday girl” ribbon that I pinned to her shirt while she was sleeping. I’m making her wear all day long. So that she doesn’t feel too awkward, I bought myself a “birthday boy” one to wear as well.

See you soon!

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