VIDEO: For All The Youth Workers Out There!

For years now, I have known of The Skit Guys.  I’ve gotten to meet them a couple of times. They are hilarious. Visit their website to see more from them.

This video is of one that they did for youth workers at a conference a few years ago. It’s called, “The Chair”. Pretty funny. If you work with students, then you might appreciate this! :) Today is the un-official “Adult Leader Appreciation Day”. You guys rock! Have you ever considered working with students? It’s fun and well worth it! (It’s not really as bad as the video says! haha)

6 Responses to “VIDEO: For All The Youth Workers Out There!”

  • Dude, thats good! Im going to share it with my volunteers. Thanks!

  • Marti:

    And thank you Kevin for the encouragement you give us adult leaders. We needed to hear this.

  • @ Kevin – It’s a great video! Share on!

    @ Marti – Thank you for what you do!! You are making an eternal impact!

  • Pearl Turner:

    That was so funny, touching, and appreciated. i ALSO AM A LIFE THAT was touched by caring pastors and childrens minisrtry leaders that fed into my youthful heart. I was imparted the compassion for youth ministry because of their examples and devotion to the call.

  • Perry:

    That was hilarious. I loved the squeaky middle schooler and the first guy with a lisp. Priceless. Thank you for thanking me and I’m looking forward to the next couple of months before I have to leave.

  • @ Pearl – Great story! I didn’t know that about you! That is so awesome that you are now there for this next generation!

    @ Perry – You could have been in that skit! haha We are going to miss you so much in a couple of months!

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