HUGE Concert Announcement!

Is it an event? Is it a concert? A conference?

Well, I guess that you can say it’s all three!

Here’s the deal…

What? World Vision Youth Explosion Tour

When? Monday, Februry 23, 2009 at 6:00pm

 Who? Four bands including one headliner and one dynamic speaker.

Who’s the headliner? HAWK NELSON!! (CLICK HERE to view their site)

Who’s the speaker? Joe Baker

This must cost a fortune, right? Nope! $10 per ticket!

Basically, this is going tobe a HUGE event! World Vision is an incredible organization! They have a passion for children and teenagers all across the world! The Youth Explosion Tour is partnering with them to make this event happen.They have a desire to get into the Northeast and called us to do it!

Tickets are already available at by clicking HERE! Get your tickets ahead of time!!!

More info, graphics, e-invites etc… to come soon!!! Spread the word!

I find it hard to believe, but if you’ve never heard of Hawk Nelson, then here’s a couple of their music videos… (Also, this weekend, I’ll post a couple more of their videos)

9 Responses to “HUGE Concert Announcement!”

  • Brother Rodney:

    Amen! I find it very fine that they are coming to the Capital Region.

    Brother Rodney

  • Seth:

    Dude, this is really cool… I actually have a question for you, and now, I have 2 questions for you… could you call me when you get a chance? 845-313-5085


  • @ Brother Rodney – Fine indeed! haha

    @ Seth – I’ll will def give you a call today!! (I promise) :)

  • Jake:

    That is awesome news! I love Hawk Nelson…Definitely going to try to come.

  • @ Jake – You better make it!!! It will be worth it.

  • Kristie Gratto:

    Kevin! This is one of those times where is seriously wish I went to school in New York- I can’t believe that Hawk Nelson is coming! Ahhhh that’s so awesome- I’ve always wanted to see them!! All you lucky New Yorkers : P

  • @ Kristie – It’s not that long of a commute from Florida! Right? haha If it makes you feel any better, it snowed in October.

  • Kevin,
    Always encouraging to hear from you and see what God is doing up where it snows! I look forward to hearing more about how God is using you and your wife to make a difference in the lives of teenagers and adults. Also look forward to partnering with you in the future. Thanks for being faithful to Him and to the ministry He has called you to. Much love from South Jersey!

  • Tammy:

    Great News!!! We’re still picking our girl’s up off the floor!
    Can you say MANY screaming teenage girls??!!

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