Day 5: Video: Christmas Trees!! Real or Fake?



Thanks for all the emails and comments so far! I hope that you are getting into the Christmas spirit!

Today is all about Christmas trees!! I grew up with artificial trees and Leah grew up with real trees. Leah’s family would even go traipsing through the woods in -15 degree Vermont weather and chop down their Christmas tree (probably from the neighbors yard). My family had a pre-lit pop-up tree (well now they do). I have great memories growing up of putting together the branches of our artificial tree!

This will be the third year that I will have a real Christmas tree (Fraser Fir) in my living room for me to be allergic to. I’m excited! I even have one ornament that I’m aloud to have on the tree! I’ll explain that next week…


Do you get a real of fake tree? What kind of real tree do you like?

Here is our Christmas tree video: (The decorating part will be next week!!!)

11 Responses to “Day 5: Video: Christmas Trees!! Real or Fake?”

  • themaiks:

    I’ve had both real and fake trees growing up. I prefer the real but we did have a bad experience one year when we bought a real Christmas tree from Walmart and set it up all with lights and ornaments. And then the flies came……There must have been a flies nest or something in the tree cause the next day we had all these flies in our house and it was disgusting. So we had to take down the tree and get a new one!

  • @ themaiks – Thanks for the comment! Good to hear from you guys! The “bug” thing is my biggest fear with getting a real one. Spiders are attracted to pine, so Leah and I sprayed our tree with Raid before taking it into the apartment! haha

  • Marti:

    Growing up in Vermont, I always had real trees too and continued that tradition with my own boys traipsing thru the ice and snow until 4 years ago when we moved into a house only a couple of weeks before Christmas. That year I just didn’t have the time to go out and pick out, cut down, haul and deal with a real tree so I bought one (a very nice one), so until that artificial tree “dies” I’m stuck with it. Can’t wait to get back to the real ones – nothing like them! Never had any critters come into the house on the tree, but we always had a time keeping the cat out of the branches…

  • Mike D:

    We always get our real tree on the weekend of Thanksgiving and take it down on New Years Day.

  • Colleen Moore:

    Our family makes a day of it. (tomorrow actually) We will go out and pick out a Fraser Fir in the morning and then bring it home and decorate it. The kids take turns each year putting the star on top.

    Keep the Christams posts coming! Funny videos!

  • @ Marti – I hope you get your fresh cut tree again soon! haha

    @ Colleen – That sounds like some really great family memories in the making! Enjoy your day tomorrow!

  • Aunt Donna:

    I’ve had both throughout my many years of Christmas seasons. I like the smell and feel of the real ones, but I like the no-needles-on-the-floor part of the artificial ones. We have an artificial one now. It didn’t come pre-lit, but we put a giant tree’s worth of lights on it the first year and have never taken them off – so I guess you could say it’s a pre-lit tree. One important (to me) tradition that I started several years ago is that I bought a life size infant doll and it goes under the tree in a “basket-full-of-rafia” manger. I tossed the clothes it came with and it is wrapped in muslin “swaddling clothes”. It’s a hands-on baby Jesus that the g-kids can play with. The gifts go on the floor on both sides of the tree, but directly under is the doll – a hands-on reminder for the little ones of what the greatest gift of all is.

    I’m really enjoying your 25-days of christmas blogs and videos – - – a great way to stay “in-touch” with family… you and Leah are so cute together!!!! :-D

  • Aunt Donna – I love your version of the “pre-lit tree”. That is great! Sounds like you guys have some great decorations! Thanks for the comment!

  • Andy:

    Yo, we went to Devoes today to get a $35 tree and all they had were bushes…..Not trying to blow a hole in your research but that place was a downer….On the up side, got some sweet outfits for connection group christmas party….we have best dressed couple in the bag!!

  • Really? That is a downer! haha maybe we got the last good one!

    Can’t wait to see your outfits! Steve is dressing up as Santa. He doesn’t have much say in it!

  • Lori:

    We just got your first REAL christmas tree ever – the $18 special from Home Depot, lol. We can’t access our fake tree due to moving and the drunk that hit our house…. Both Hayley (11) & Amy (8) agree that they want to go back to a fake tree next year! Our ornaments are SO hard to hang on and keep on the tree…does anyone else have this problem??? The tree is pretty and smells nice though….thanks for the info!

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