8 More To Go / V8 War Zone

We had our first two services of our Easter Weekend service “marathon” last night! I don’t want to give anything away yet, but there was one element in the services that I believe is one of the most creative and powerful things I have ever seen! It’s something so basic, but so thought provoking about what happens when we come to Christ. You have to try and make it this weekend! The rest of the service was amazing! The music never sounded better!

We had an interesting atmosphere at our Clifton Park campus last night! Our church is in a plaza right next to a popular night club that brings in many popular bands. Well, last night they had Third Eye Blindplaying. This means that on top of our service traffic, there were literally hundreds of people lining up outside to get into the concert. Oh…and it was like 35 degrees outside. Some people at the church decided to BE the church and wheel out a cart of coffee and hot chocolate to give to the freezing fans! Some of them came in to ask questions about the church, use the bathrooms, and get warm. I got to invite a bunch of teenagers to UNITED. We even had one of the band members from Third Eye Blind come in and check out our worship band doing their sound check! What a night!

v8juice.jpgNow I am getting ready to go to two more services tonight in Malta! It has been a good day so far except for spilling v8 juice all over our tan carpets and ivory couches!!!!! This wasn’t just a spill, it was like a V8 Tsunami came crashing down over our living room. After a quick run to Price Chopper, sore hands, and two rolls of paper towels, you can barely tell that our living room looked like a complete war zone! Ha Ha…I know what you are thinking…You think I spilled the juice! NOPE! It was LEAH!!! Yep…you read that right! It was LEAH! I think I just earned a get-out-of-jail free card for the next time I spill something! Believe me…I’ll need it!

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