Day 9: Video!!: Christmas Butt Ham



We hosted our adult small group Christmas party last night, and had a great time with some friends! (COME BACK TOMORROW FOR A VIDEO FEATURING THEM!!!!) Our main dish for the night was a CHRISTMAS BUTT HAM!!! Check out the video below. I slaved all day making the butt ham! Pleeeeaaaaase promise me that you will try making it!!!


 What you need: 1 Fully cooked smoked Butt Portion Ham (7 lbsish) Р1 egg Р1/2 can cranberry sauce Р1/4 cup dijon mustard Рpepper Р2 cans of original crescent rolls

Assembly: Trim large fat portions off of ham. Mix mustard and cranberry sauce, and then coat the ham with the mixture. Pepper ham (optional). Bake at 350 degrees for 45 minutes. Remove from oven. Spread the crescent rolls (On wax paper spread out and pinch the seams shut to make one large sheet) over the ham tucking the edges under ham. Beat one egg and brush a thin coat onto the “crescent sheet”. Return the ham to the oven until the “crescent sheet” is golden brown. Your done!

Make sure you watch this whole video! Will you make this???


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  • Aunt Donna:

    As Rachel would say… YumO!!!
    That looks good! Can’t promise I’ll try it because I’m already behind on the things I have already planned to do… but it’s definitely going into my recipe book!
    Luv ya!
    Aunt :-D onna

  • Marti:

    Sounds great! Ball park time on cooking the crescent rolls? Just for 1st time…I can adjust after that.

  • "Mom":

    Thank you for posting this wonderful ham recipe!! I loved the video, too. You and Leah cooked this for us last Christmastime and it was the best ham I’ve ever had!! I can only find Uncooked “butt” hams, but you use the ones that say cooked, right? Maybe I will need to try a different store in a different town. Billerica only has Market Basket, Market Basket and Market Basket.

  • @ Aunt Donna – Maybe you can try it in 2009 sometime! haha

    @ Marti – Sorry! It’s 20-30 minutes for the crescent sheet to become golden brown.

    @ “Mom” – The one that we buy says “ready to cook”, but still is technically “fully cooked”. You should ask your butcher guy or gal. I think we bought the one we made for you guys at Market Basket. What’s with grocery store names anyway?

  • Lori:

    Wow – looks yummy! You could have your own cooking show, lol! :) Did you get to use your new knife?

  • @ Lori – We do have our own show! It’s on!

    Yes…we used our new electric knife! It is awesome! Thanks!

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