Day 16: Video: Kevin Sings A Christmas Carol!! (Really!)



Great line-up this week! I’m singing a Christmas Carol today, I think Leah is doing a post on Thursday for my birthday, we have a Christmas decorating video, and so much more!


Today, I am going to sing you a Christmas Carol as promised!

Yesterday, I gave you a choice of between three songs for me to sing. The song “O Holy Night” got the most votes!

After what happened two years ago when I sang a Christmas Carol at a party, Leah has strongly discouraged me from “embarrassing” myself. So I thought, What do I have to be embarrassed about? You all are supportive! You all are kind! You all are understanding! So what if I don’t have the voice of David Archuletta…ok…ewwwwwwww…the voice of Bono.

Below is a little music video that I put together for O Holy Night! Please promise me that you will watch the whole thing. Don’t worry, it’s not that long! It gets better towards the end.

I would like to officially dedicate this song to our Senior Pastor, Buddy Cremeans and the Joy Challenge. Not only does the Joy Challenge make me want to sing Christmas Carols, but it also has helped me focus on what is important this Christmas season. Also, I have learned that when seeking “joy”, you have to learn to be able to…laugh!

Let me know which of the following reactions was yours:

A. You sang along

B. You laughed at me (That’s mean)

C. You feel bad for Leah and my future kids

D. American Idol here we come!

Here is my rendition of O Holy Night…My favorite part is at 3 minutes and 20 seconds!

24 Responses to “Day 16: Video: Kevin Sings A Christmas Carol!! (Really!)”

  • "Mom":

    Yeah! Was that really you?? I would say, if I had to pick one of your choices, that it would be “A”–I sang along with you. Maybe the saying should be, “like mother, like son”.

  • Marti:

    Dude, seriously, my dog’s head exploded…

  • @ “Mom” – I should have sang more as a kid I guess!

    @ Marti – HAHAHA! That is unfortunate! I heard that one of the local Fire houses are doing a pet adoption event…Hmmmmm…

    @ Buddy – Yes! Sooooooo you’re saying I have a chance! (To sing at our Christmas services!) haha Thanks!

  • classic…signing you up for the opening act next united live or if we are lucky maybe hawk nelson

  • Andy:

    You put some stank on that one boy….Hilarious….Almost lost my job viewing that one at work – apparently there is a “noise pollution” section in our employee handbook. I should get headphones…

  • Lori:

    I would have to admit I picked “B”…sorry! :)

  • Amy Murrell:

    Um, good job…
    I would say you’re American Idol material, well, not necessarily the final 12, but at least the first few episodes of the season ;)
    I gotta say…you got guts, but for future reference, you should probably listen to your wife ;)

  • Kaitie:

    haha only because you are awful at lip-singing.


  • Jackie Woodward:

    Good news is that you are really technoligically savvy.
    As far as the singing……………wow. You are lucky you have Leah. It did make me laugh. Hope you guys have a great Christmas!

  • @ Jeremy – I was hoping you would say that!

    @ Andy – Give me the number to your boss, and I’ll sing them a Christmas Carol to cheer them up! haha

    @ Lori – That’s not nice.

    @ Amy – Thanks! I will find out where the nearest AI tryouts are!

    @ Kaitie – I was so good that you thought I was lip singing? Wow…thanks!

    @ Jackie – Thanks! Merry Christmas! haha

  • Kaitie:

    haha no, you were jsut a bit off =)
    still loved it and saved it to show your kids years form now when they are my age…..

  • 1 – Leah is funnier than you
    2 – Based on your video editing skills, don’t expect a call from Bookhout asking for you to volunteer on the media team.
    3 – Based on your musical sylings, don’t expect a call from Brustle asking for you to volunteer on the worship team.
    4 – I feel cheated, I think you should actually sing a Christmas carol. I pick “Santa Baby.”

  • @ Kaitie – No, it was perfection!

    @ Libby -
    1. So true!
    2. ouch…I was trying to earn a spot on his team.
    3. ouch again…I was trying to be your backup vocalist in Colonie! Oh…and I think Brian likes my skills. He has some pull with Bookhout and Brustle (I think)!
    4. “Actually”? Wow…I worked hard on O Holy Night! Why does everyone think I didn’t actually sing it? :)

    I’m thinking about singing another Christmas Carol…hmmmm

  • Aunt Donna:

    All I can say is, well…. Bless Your Heart <3…

    Aunt :-D onna

  • BillyD:

    HEY! There’s no singin’ in the North Pole!
    Yes there is!
    No there’s not!
    We sing all the time!
    No you don’t!
    Especially when we build toys!

  • Paul D:

    nice try, better luck next time. I hope leah’s ears have recovered. please no more singing on

  • Heidi Hunter:

    Uh yeah so I can honestly say that you added a new dimension to that song…it was one of my favorites. Way to go for being brave enough to” tackle ” such a tough song.

  • @ Aunt Donna – My heart is always blessed when I sing Christmas Carols!

    @ BillyD – Classic clip from Elf! haha

    @ Paul D – I think Leah is going to have to approve everything I post from now on! :)

    @ Heidi – Wow! Thanks! I’m glad I can make it so special for you!

  • Bro,
    You are amazing! I love the bravery of you singing. I may have to do a month of dancing to top that! Keep pumping out the tunes, I LOVE it! Hope all is well up North. Praying for you and your ministry.

  • BrotherRodney:

    Amen, brother! Your voice is like an angel. Amen? We should have you come sing special music sometime. Amen?

  • @ Eric – Thanks man! haha Good to hear from you! We need to connect soon…

    @ Brother Rodney – Thanks brother! Hmmmm…did you know that you have the same email address as Steve B? What a coincidence! haha

  • Eileen:

    ENCORE ENCORE! haha! very funny, dude! you got your self a subscriber!!!!!

  • Eileen – Thanks… I’ll try not to disapoint…haha

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