Day 22b: Movie Trailer: The Nativity Story




Have you ever seen the movie “The Nativity Story“? It came out in 2006 and tells the story of Mary and Jospeh’s journey leading to the birth of Jesus.

Why am I posting about this? If you are looking for a good clean movie to watch with the family, then I recommend this movie.

While it does claim to be based on the Biblical account, there are just a few minor things that might not be accurate. They did a very good job making the movie.

It is not easy to take a person’s entire life and compress it into a two hour movie. This is perhaps why most movies about Jesus have failed to capture His greatness. However, with Mel Gibson’s “…Passion…,” it became apparent that movies are most effective when they take a small snippet of Jesus’ life and focus the movie on that brief period, allowing the characters to become more developed and less of a cardboard cutout. The Nativity Story does just that.

For those of you with small kids, CLICK HERE to see a review just for parents.

I give this movie 4 1/4 stars.

How many stars do you give it? Have you seen it? What did you think?

Here is the movie trailer:

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  • Marti:

    It happened to be on TBN in just the past couple of weeks. I loved the way it dealt with the doubts of both Mary and Joseph. I would recommend it to anyone. True, there were a few things not to agree with, the by far, the message comes through.

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