Day 24b: Get The ENTIRE Christmas Story


Come back tomorrow for the final post of 25 Days of Christmas Blogging! Leah and I have a special short video to post just for you!

Also, keep our student ministry in prayer tonight as we take over 30 students out for Christmas Eve after our services at Northway! We want to make this extremely special for them, since they don’t have anywhere to go for Christmas!


One of my more dominant Christmas memories from growing up was reading the Christmas story as a family before opening presents on Christmas morning. We would read the ENTIRE story from the Bible, not just a snippet. Our family (six of us) would take turns reading a verse each until it was over, or as my dad would say, we would go “round robin”. This was somewhat difficult for me in the early days when I couldn’t yet read. My siblings would get frustrated with me for not being able to sound out words like “frankincense”, “Caesar Augustus”, “Nazareth”, “the”, “it” etc…

When I used to think of the “Christmas story” in the Bible, I would always think of Luke chapter 2 and that’s it. Actually there is a chronological order for the story of Jesus’ birth that goes beyond Luke chapter 2!

This “25 Days” blog series has focused on the lighter side of Christmas. It was more about the fun stuff, which is fine, as long as we don’t forget why we REALLY celebrate Christmas! We always need to bring it back to a little baby that was born in a cave, while the city of Bethlehem slept and didn’t have room for him.

I want to challenge you between today and tomorrow to read the below verses in order. I would really challenge you to do it as a family if that is possible.

Here is the Christmas story in chronological sequence:

LUKE 1:26-38

MATTHEW 1:18-25

LUKE 2:1-22, 39

MATTHEW 2:1-23

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