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Merry Christmas! We made it to the final day of 25 Days of Christmas Blogging!

Leah and I sincerely want to wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas! We hope that you have had an awesome day!

We are now done with Christmas blogging, minus a couple re-caps over the next few days. We hope that this blog has been a little bit of fun. Even if it’s from making fun of my extreme dorkyness…


Here is a short little video wishing you a Merry Christmas! It also has a brief music video highlighting a few things!

One Response to “DAY 25! VIDEO: MERRY CHRISTMAS!”

  • Marti:

    Thank you Leah and Kevin! It was so much fun “tuning-in” each day to see a new perspective on Christmas. Whether it be Butt-ham, decorating, cookies or making us think about Christmas’ past, present and future, you made this season even more special. Let us know when you’re allowed back into the isles of that store…

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