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The Best Question Ever

best-question-pic.gifbest-question-pic.gifLeah and I had our adult connection group last night and learned all about the “Best Question Ever”. It is based on a book by Andy Stanley. It seemed like one of those things that you HAVE to buy the book in order to find out what the question is. Well, I am going to share the secret with the blogging world so that you don’t go about your life in agony just thinking about what “the question” is. We are only in our first week (sorry Chad) so I don’t know if there is like a “best question” for each week, or if the next few weeks just feed off of the one I’m about to share.

Okay…there is one question that we all should ask based on three perspectives in our life.

Here is the question: WHAT IS THE WISE THING TO DO? Pretty basic, right? We make thousands of decisions each month. Some of these decisions can really affect us (and those around us) in a monumental way.

Even deeper:

1. What is the wise thing to do based on my past? What is my track record? How has similar decisions affected me in the past?

2. What is the wise thing to do based on my present situation? How will this decision affect me right now?

3. What is the wise thing to do for my future? How will this decision impact my future?

So, this question seems to be a very “wise” one! Get it? (okay…no more lame jokes!) Sometimes we base our decisions on other people or what the current culture is telling us to do. We also sometimes will make impulse decisions without even really thinking about it. If we can filter our decisions through those three perspectives (past, present, future), and surround it with prayer, then we can be set up to make a lot of right choices.