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Day 23: Video: Belated Christmas Decorations



Two days ’til Christmas! Wow! Make sure you don’t let Christmas become a burden instead of a celebration! If you are getting stressed, then CUT STUFF OUT OF YOUR PLANS OR SCHEDULE (Just make sure Christmas Eve at Northway is in there though). Don’t let Christmas with your family suffer because of your focus on “Christmas traditions” or “getting everything done”.

Leah and I had to just say “NO” to some stuff we wanted to do. Even after we made a video about it, we had to decide to NOT send out our Christmas cards this year. Sorry, but something had to go! haha Maybe we’ll do Christmas in July… Naaaaahhhhh!


We made a video way back in late November, but totally forgot to post it. It was the one about Christmas decorating, which should have come right after the Christmas Tree video. It’s a little late, but we figured we would go ahead and post a shorter version of it.

I think we have over 100 “things” on our tree. There are pine cones, clear bulbs, colored bulbs, disco balls, bows, stick things,  small things, big things and more!

I am not allowed to touch any of the ornaments except for one. You will see it in the video, but each year I have one ornament that I am allowed to put on the tree as long as Leah decides the placement (she always picks the back of the tree for some reason). It’s a Red Sox World Series Championship ornament. I love that thing! Leah says that it messes up her “arrangement”, but I just remind her that it’s not my fault if the tree “accidentally” falls over, crushing her precious ornaments.

Anyway, what was I saying? Oh…you need to watch our very late Christmas tree decorating video!

What are some of the things you do to decorate for Christmas? Any secrets? Any time-saving / money-saving ideas?

Here it is:

Day 5: Video: Christmas Trees!! Real or Fake?



Thanks for all the emails and comments so far! I hope that you are getting into the Christmas spirit!

Today is all about Christmas trees!! I grew up with artificial trees and Leah grew up with real trees. Leah’s family would even go traipsing through the woods in -15 degree Vermont weather and chop down their Christmas tree (probably from the neighbors yard). My family had a pre-lit pop-up tree (well now they do). I have great memories growing up of putting together the branches of our artificial tree!

This will be the third year that I will have a real Christmas tree (Fraser Fir) in my living room for me to be allergic to. I’m excited! I even have one ornament that I’m aloud to have on the tree! I’ll explain that next week…


Do you get a real of fake tree? What kind of real tree do you like?

Here is our Christmas tree video: (The decorating part will be next week!!!)

VIDEO: 25 Days Of Christmas Blogging Trailer

Tons of people viewed the sneak preview trailer yesterday on YouTube! Now is the time for the official release of the 25 Days Of Christmas promo trailer. Don’t worry it’s only 46 seconds and you’ll be back to work in no time!

It’s cheesy…

It’s amature…

It’s…yes…even a little dorky…

But most importantly…It’s Christmasy!!!

TheYouTube version is below, and the better Vimeo version is in the video box to the right (it wouldn’t fit in this post…hmmmm.)

Leah and I had fun making this together and that’s the whole point of us doing all of this! :)  

Here we go:

A Sparkly Christmas Miracle!!


Why the whole Christmas blogging thing?

Oh…why thanks for asking!

Simply put…It’s because I love Leah! No seriously!

You see…Leah loves Christmas! She loves it! She likes sparkly snowman ornaments, decorating Christmas trees in November, hot chocolate, wrapping empty boxes for display, and so much more. What do I like? I like Christmas cookies.

As I reviewed my 2007 year, which was a great year by the way, I found that I didn’t really get in the “Christmas spirit”.

This year, I want to make sure that I do. I want to make sure that I’m right alongside Leah as we find empty boxes to wrap, as we bake pine cones and put sparkly glitter stuff on them (Oh yeah…we’ve already collected over 100 of them this Fall), as we shop for the perfect tree, as we dress one of our friends up as Santa for a photo shoot, and as we bake Christmas cookies for the neighbors.

I like to blog. What would be better than documenting the 25 days leading up to Christmas? If I don’t get into the Christmas spirit by doing that, then I don’t know what to tell you.

So…Some of you will probably call me a dork. Probably true, but I don’t care. Some of you will boycott my blog. I don’t care. Some of you will throw sharp objects at your computer screen. I don’t care, but I think that’s dumb. Some of you will read my blog no matter what. Thanks mom. Some of you will get into the Christmas spirit with me, and THAT…makes it A SPARKLY CHRISTMAS MIRACLE.

I’ll still blog about random stuff that no one cares about, church stuff, family stuff etc…, but each day it will just have a Christmas flavor or twist to it. Tons of videos.

Leah will be making her blogging debut in December as well! She will make a great bloggererer. Why? Because she is one of the smartest and most talented people that I have ever met, and she doesn’t say stupid stuff like “bloggererer”!

Now scroll down and check out my Rockband 2 video that I posted last night!