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Day 5: Video: Christmas Trees!! Real or Fake?



Thanks for all the emails and comments so far! I hope that you are getting into the Christmas spirit!

Today is all about Christmas trees!! I grew up with artificial trees and Leah grew up with real trees. Leah’s family would even go traipsing through the woods in -15 degree Vermont weather and chop down their Christmas tree (probably from the neighbors yard). My family had a pre-lit pop-up tree (well now they do). I have great memories growing up of putting together the branches of our artificial tree!

This will be the third year that I will have a real Christmas tree (Fraser Fir) in my living room for me to be allergic to. I’m excited! I even have one ornament that I’m aloud to have on the tree! I’ll explain that next week…


Do you get a real of fake tree? What kind of real tree do you like?

Here is our Christmas tree video: (The decorating part will be next week!!!)