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Pre-Easter Weekend Thoughts

easter-1.jpgI can’t believe that Easter weekend is already here!

- Northway has 10 weekend services starting tonight! (see pics below)

- We are giving away concert tickets to whichever student brings the most friends!

- We will hit camp hard this weekend again at our camp booth!

- I can’t wait to get a white chocolate Easter bunny from Saratoga Sweets!

- No one seems to sell the white chocolate ones anymore. I’m with the 76% of people that eat the ears first. I really probably shouldn’t eat any though…

- Pysanka is a specific term used for the practice of Easter egg painting. I don’t paint Easter eggs, but if I did, then I would¬†use¬†that term!

- I am so glad that my “god” is THE GOD and that we get to celebrate this weekend!