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How Can Anyone Not…

…go see the new INDIANA JONES MOVIE???

indy4_indystance1.jpgSure…Harrison Ford is over sixty and probably gets up three times a night to pee, but who cares? He’s Indian Jones! I grew up watching the first three movies. I used to want a whip just like his, but my parents would never let me because I might whip the dog…or my sister. (I guess it was okay with them if I whipped my brothers!) I had to settle for his hat. I was a dorky seven year old.

Anyway, I doubt the fourth movie will be as good as the first three, but it’s one of those movies that you have to go see no matter what. Leah and I are going with some friends to see it at the brand new theater in Colonie! I already bought the tickets.

Is anyone else going to go see it this weekend?

Here is the good trailer: