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Day 11: Vlog: The Best Adult Christmas C-Group



The UNITED LIVE Christmas Party was amazing last night! We had more students then we have had all year! God moved in an awesome way! I got to live our one of my lifelong dreams of playing the lead guitar to the Tran Siberian Orchestra! Come back tomorrow for a special Christmas video from UNITED LIVE!


(A Vlog is short for “Video Blog”…Don’t worry, you’ll learn) On monday night, our adult connection group met. It was Northway Church connection groups at it’s finest. Chad would be so proud! We hardly had what you would call a “normal” connection group meeting. Why? BECAUSE IT’S CHRISTMAAAAAAAAAAS TIIIIIIIIME, silly!!

That’s right! We had our connection group Christmas party at our place! We all had to dress up in some kind of cheesy Christmas attire. Not everyone scored high on the participation section. You will see in the video who was “too cool for school”.

In attendance:

- Brian and Libby with baby Avery.

- Steve and Jenn with baby Andrew.

- Andy and Staci with baby “soon to be born” (That’s the baby’s current Indian name).

- Phil minus Melissa plus a really cool shirt that I want. We all missed you Melissa!

- Kevin and Leah with the Christmas Butt Ham.

Here is the video:

(This video may not be viewable at first…There was some trouble with it processing, but it should be fine in a little while)