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Day 21: Elf Clip: Buddy Meets His Dad



Today is the first day of Winter! Isn’t it weird to think that yesterday was still Fall?

We have an incredible line-up for this week! Don’t miss it!


Today is the last weekly Elf Clip for 25 Days of Christmas Blogging! In today’s clip, Buddy the Elf meets his dad for the first time! His dad think he is just receiving a “Christmasgram” from a guy dressed as an elf! Buddy sings his dad a song…


What’s your favorite Christmas movie??

Day 13b: Video: Elf Clip Of The Week!!



I have power back, so I don’t have an excise anymore to not post the Elf Clip of the Week!!!


Watch this clip to see what it’s like for a human that was raised by Elves in the North Pole reacts to his first visit to NYC!


Here it is: