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Day 17b: Helping Others This Christmas



Don’t miss this weekend at Northway Church as we continue our Christmas Illusions Series with special guest BJ Harris! BJ is a nationally know illusionist who has performed at places such as the Catalyst Leadership Conference and Andy Stanley’s North Point Community Church in Atlanta, GA.  His performances have amazed audiences across the country, and we are honored to have him as our special guest this weekend.  It’s a great time to invite your friends!


Pastor Buddy has been talking a lot about changing our focus, turning sorrow into joy, and helping others this year. This has really hit Leah and I hard! How can we turn any “trouble” into joy?

Let me tell you a little story:

Leah and I are not going to be able to travel this year for Christmas and we were pretty bummed about it… at first. Leah and I have never missed our on visiting both of our parents over Christmas since we met as teenagers. The thought of not going anywhere for Christmas made us feel trapped. The closest family is three hours away!

Every year, we try to do something special for someone around the Holidays even if it means that we don’t exchange gifts for each other until January 25th (It just made sense). This year we decided that we would try to do something extra special since we will be at our home.

At right about the same time we decided not to travel, I got an email telling me about some High School students that live  at a group home. The email told me that there were about 20 students that would not have anywhere to go for Christmas. No family, friends or anyone to spend it with.  Our hearts melted. We figured that this is why we were not to travel this year.

There was an adult Connection Group last year that took a similar group to our Christmas Eve service and then our for a nice dinner.  We figured why not do that again?

To make a long story short, we are taking this group of students to one of our Christmas Eve services, and then out to a really nice restaurant where we will give them gifts and have a little Christmas party. This was only going to be possible with the help of the people of our church! We already have so many people that have told me that they wanted to help pay for our student ministry to be able to do this. I am amazed at how our church people are so eager to help our community!

They are truly being the church! Another example is the Illuminate Project. People at our church bought gifts for families that can’t afford them this year! Our church gave over 700 gifts! Amazing!

Anyway, I am not sharing this to “toot” our horn or anything! I just want to encourage you to help others this Christmas! Also, we are still in need of financial donations to make this happen for these students. If you are at all interested, then email me. We would love to have your help!

In the end it turns out that Leah’s family is coming to us! They are going to come on Christmas day! It’s amazing how God works things out in the end! He just wants us to be faithful and take the steps that we are supposed to take!