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Video Blog: Hillsong United (Video 3 of 3)

Here is the final video of the Hillsong United Conference! Yaaaaaay!

There’s a pic below too.


Video Blog: Hillsong United (Video 2)

Here is video 2 of 3 from our Hillsong United trip! I have one more video to post later this week, as well as a bunch of other random video blogs!

Weekly Re-Cap / Thoughts

Today, I am just focusing on some Hillsong United stuff. Here is some of what we learned, some thoughts, and some stuff that took place.

 Here we go:

- In the western world, we don’t have a ton of physical poverty, but we do have an inner poverty. A lack of love.

- So many people in other countries lack what we in America take for granted, but so many Americans lack what they take for granted…LOVE!

- When you are making ground for God, someone else (the enemy) is losing ground.

- When you are not making ground for God, someone else (the enemy) is making ground.

- The enemy doesn’t really care about the size of a church, he cares about it’s influence.

- “If what we do inside the walls of our churches has no affect on the streets that we take to get there, then maybe we are doing things wrong.” – Joel Houston


- I still have two more videos to post with Hillsong United footage!

- I also have a ton of footage for some more random blog videos.

- Did you check out the first video below?

- If I had to go to college all over again, then I would probable go to Hillsong College. Check it out!


On a side note, don’t miss this coming weekend at Northway Church! We are having a special weekend featuring our student ministry! I’ll blog more about this later!

Hillsong United: A Changed Generation!

After the first night of my first experience at a Hillsong United, all I can really say is…WOW!

Here are a few thoughts:

- I feel like I experienced worship in one of it’s purest forms last night!

- You couldn’t help but have tears in your eyes as you watched a crowd of 5,000 people worship God like never before!

- It was a generation UNITED!

- It was mostly High School students and younger college students. After seeing this, I am more convinced then ever that the next big “revival” in the world is coming, and it’s going to be led by this next generation!

- Phil Dooley, the youth pastor at Hillsong Church in Sydney, spoke.

- He talked about love, and the fact that so many people in other countries lack what we in America take for granted, but so many Americans lack what they take for granted…Unconditional LOVE!

- Love flows through us, not from us! We don’t have to sit around waiting to create it, but rather just let God’s love shine through us!

- There was so much more cool stuff!

- Wait till you see some of the video footage and pictures I took!

- I should have something up here by tomorrow morning.

- Keep following my updates on (also off to the right of your screen)

A Weekend With Hillsong United!

No! I’m not kidding! It’s been a long time goal of mine to get out to one of these conferences. I truly believe that some of the best modern Christian worship songs have been put out by Hillsong United. Half of the songs that most churches sing, are written and produced by them. When ever I’m having a bad day or I just feel like I don’t have answers for what is going on in my life, I often turn to God through worship. I crank up a Hillsong United CD and go for it!

There is a huge movement of teenagers in Australia that are seeking after God, and are changing their generation! I can see the same thing happening here in the Northeast! My goal is to learn anything that I can this weekend that can help. These guys get it! God is using them like crazy world-wide!

I’ll be blogging and twittering (click the link or look at the top right side of this page for updates) all weekend from Toronto! I’ll be making a video blog as well. Oh…and NO! We did not copy them when we started our UNITED! :)

In the mean time, be blessed today by watching this video of Hillsong United playing the song that God has used to speak to me the most…more than any other Christian song has. When the direction of my life was uncertain, and I was beginning to get angry at God and others, something changed when I used this song to reconnect myself to God. These words are a powerful prayer to God if you mean them.

Here is another one of there songs I love: