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My Fault or the Dog’s Fault?

Okay…I collect a lot of “funny” videos and pictures. After all, I am hoping to some day start a clean website for funny pics and vids. That might have to do with the fact that I am a student pastor and used to also be a children’s pastor, but either way that means that I will probably post funny videos on here from time to time.

Well…I posted a “funny/scary” video a few days ago (the ghost post) and scared my mom half to death at 3:00 in the morning. Wait! Wait! Before you boycott my blog and refuse to be my friend, you must hear the context.

First of all, I posted a “warning for people that might scare easily”. My mom jumps if you even touch her shoulder. Second of all, you have to understand more about my parents dogs!

181757420307_0_bg.jpgI have three older siblings and as each one moved away, my parents got a dog, or so it seemed. Go figure! :) I guess that is a normal trend for parents. The first dog that replaced my older sister was the best dog that ever walked the earth. Really! He died a while back and I don’t want to talk about it. The second dog (dog on the left of pic with eyes closed because she thinks the camera will eat her) that they got was okay, but was scared of EVERYTHING! At one point I wanted to take her for an MRI to see if she had a brain. The latest dog (the drunk one laying down on the right) that they got walks into walls, falls down stairs, can’t sit without falling over, wakes my mom up a few times a night to go out (we will get to that in a second), and is constantly drugged up on meds so he doesn’t have seizures. Sad, right? My mom is a hero in the dog world…and the real world.

So…all that to say that the other night Willie (the drunk dog) woke my mom up as usual at 3:00 am to be let out. As the dog was out, my mom decided to check her e-mail…please remember that it’s in the middle of the night and she is half asleep. She saw that I posted a video on my blog and played it out of curiosity, totally ignoring my warning. My mom leaned in to see the “ghost” and then the scary guy jumped out. Oh…and the volume was all the way up on the computer. Let’s just say that I feel really bad.

She said that after she jumped and hit her head on the ceiling (okay maybe not the ceiling), she laughed harder than she has in a long time. I haven’t laughed hard like that since I heard that Willie (yep! that’s right, the drunk dog)  one day was running and stupidly ran straight into the deep end of the pool!

Mom, I am publicly apologizing for startling you so much! I will take full responsibility since the dog can’t even stand straight. :) Next time, just try to heed my video warning!