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Help! Gas or Electric Scooter? Help!


I think it might be official! Leah and I are going to get a motor scooter! Not the nice old lady kind, or the motorcycle kind, but the the eleven year old kind with a motor attached! I can get a decent deal on Craigslist or Ebay!

One of our cars just blew it’s transmission, so we are down to one car, which needs work itself! Grrrrrr. We were thinking about how we can survive on one car, but maybe we can do it. Leah only works 1-2 miles from where we live, so she can potentially scoot her way to work each day. IT WAS HER IDEA! By the way, I can’t wait to hide along her scoot route with a video camera so I can post it on Youtube for you! Shhhh.

Anyway, theres my story, but I have some questions for you scooter enthusiasts! Please chime in!

- What is better, gas or electric? I figured if she gets stuck, then gas might be the better option. She can keep a mini gas can in her purse or something.

- Do they sell scooter umbrellas for rain? Snow? Ice? Hail?

- Are there laws about helmets? I have a Red Sox baseball helmet, would that be acceptable?

- I noticed that there are some scooters that have the option for a seat. Does that throw off your balance?41jqm50me5l__sl210_.jpg

- How are motor scooters on mountain roads in case I want to scoot to church on the weekends, so Leah can drive and meet me at the later service?

- Would getting a scooter just be way too silly?

Please let me know what your thoughts are, even if you can only answer one question! I need your help! :)

(By the way, NO! Leah would not scoot through ice and hail…just rain and light snow!)  :)