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Video Blog: UNITED Kick-Off Video…CHECK IT OUT!

Here is a video from UNITED on this past Wednesday!

It includes:

- The first few minutes of our UNITED service.

- Tons of pictures

- Band footage

- A clip from Pastor Buddy‘s talk.

Great UNITED Kick-Off!!

We had an incredible time last night at our first UNITED of the year! Hundreds of people left school and work to come hang out at church on a Wednesday night!

Here’s the best part…

Are you ready?

Over 20 students prayed to accept Jesus into their lives!! That is why we do what we do!

Pastor Buddy did an amazing job communicating to our students! They were challenged and encouraged last night!


UNITED is every Wednesday night at 6:30, with an extra big UNITED on the first Wednesday of each month. (The next big one is on Oct 8th, which is the only exception to the “first Wednesday” thing…haha)


I’ll hopefully have a video up here later today or early tomorrow.

To view more pictures from last night, go to our Student Ministry MySpace page HERE and click on the “pics” link. The photo album is title “UNITED Pics 9-17-08″. Or try clicking HERE to go directly to the album.


I’m not sure if this ended well or not.








VIDEO: NSM Cardboard Testimonies!!

So many of you have asked for a copy of the cardboard testimonies, so here it is! You can embed it on your personal site etc…

I am so proud of our students! For those of you who do not know what this is, it is something that was recorded live during our services this past weekend. It reflects how our students were before camp and then after camp.

Let our students know how proud you are of them!

Here is the video!

UNITED – New Day and Time!!! September 17th


This Fall is going to be the best season in Northway Student Ministry history!! God has done so much this past year and summer! I’s only just beginning!!

UNITED has a new day and time!!! We are shifting over to Wednesday nights! (See pic below for the full year schedule for UNITED)

This next Wednesday  night (September 17th) will mark the kick-off of our new series of UNITED’s.  We have made a lot of changes to make this even better than last year.

If you are reading this right now and know anyone in the Capital Region of Upstate New York that is in 6-12 grade, then we need your help to make sure that they get here! It’s not worth missing what God can do in their lives!

Parents, make sure your kids get there!! Make it a priority!

Students, make sure you get there!! Make it a priority!

Aunts, Uncles, Grandparents, Friends, make sure you invite someone!!! Make it a priority!

Make church a priority? YES!

Nothing gets under my skin more as a student pastor, then when God and His House (the Church) get’s put last in the family “to-do” list!  It needs to be above everything else because it outlasts everything else and can change how we live at work, school, in sports, etc… It encompasses everything else that we do in life! Make it a priority! (Sorry…I’m just venting a little bit, but…hey…it’s my blog!) :)


What is going on every Wednesday night that UNITED is not scheduled? We are going to have a service specifically for students, as well as a brief time for the sudents to hang out with each other. The services will introduce topics and situations that students face everyday! It is going to be from 6:30-7:45pm. More info to come on this… We still have yet to name this event. Any suggestions?


Here is the UNITED schedule for the whole school year! (UNITED is on the first Wednesday night of the month, except for in September and October)

High School LIFT Camp!

thirst-for-blog.bmpWe are ready for round two of our summer camps! On Monday, we are taking a group of 70 down to Nyack, Ny for our High School camp! Our church has been awesome with getting behind our student ministry camps! We will have taken over 130 to camp this year. God is amazing!

I will be blogging all week from camp! Make sure you come back and check out the updates. I’ll post pictures and let you all know how things are going at camp!

Please pray for our adult leaders and High School students this week! We have five days with them, and my prayer is that every single student gets connected and comes back changed!