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Video Blog: 2008 Anniversary Trip!

Okay…so here is a video of mostly raw footage from our trip this past week.We got in the car and started driving. We went north to Plattsburgh, across Lake Champlain, and then down through Vermont and back into New York!

Unless you are my mom, or Leah’s mom, there might be a slight chance you could get bored half way through! Just try watching it though! I dare you!

Here we go:

Peech Imspediment / Pictures

When I used to talk about something that excites me, like if I was going to Dunkin Donuts to order a jelly donut, I seemed to suffer from a slight “speech impediment”! When I talked, I might mix around some of the letters in my words.

I’d say stuff like:

- Delly Jonut

- Weep Jrangler

- etc…

Well, back in the day when Leah and I were first dating in college (circa 1999), we were driving home from the mall. I was getting excited about something and I started to slip up some of my letters. Honest mistake. Leah stopped me and while she was laughing ever so nicely at me, she said, “KEVIN! YOU HAVE SUCH A PEECH IMSPEDIMENT!” She meant to say “SPEECH IMPEDIMENT”.

Anyway, to this day, she doesn’t poke fun at me anymore. My “speech impediment” is gone (I didn’t really technically have one to begin with), but every once in a while, such as yesterday, I make sure that I remind Leah of HER “peech imspediment”! :)

That may not seem funny, but it is one of those great memories that we talked about yesterday after thirty…I mean two years of marriage.

A couple pics from THIRTY years ago:


And…a couple pics from yesterday (Aging has been kind to us):


Yep! We visited Stowe, VT and the church that we got married in! Many months before we got married, we were driving around and we came across this church that is in just about every Vermont postcard. So, we went in and booked a date. Talk about spontaneous!