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No Matter What Happens

vote-button.jpgBarack Obama? John McCain? Oprah? No matter what happens today…I am proud to be an American. I am thankful for the privilege I have to grow up with the freedoms that we get to enjoy everyday. I am thankful that we live in a country that allows us to vote.

I love the fact that God knows exactly who is going to be our next president. I love the fact that God knows exactly where we will be in four years…eight years…twelve years.

Does God “choose” the president? Good question. What do you think? I do have an opinion on that, but there’s not enough space and it’s not really the point. The point is that we do our part no matter what.

What I do know is that whether we are talking about us as individuals or are talking about us as a nation, we reap what we sow. We “end up” in life or as a nation based on the decisions that we have made and the habits that we have developed. We reap what we sow.

Some will choose to vote based on how their wallets will be affected. Some will vote based on moral issues etc… Either way, we are responsible personally and as a nation for what we decide.

That being said, I am on my way to the voting shack (I live in a small country town).

By the way, I love Ed Young‘s recent series Politicked!

I wish you the best as you vote!

Don’t forget to get your free Shanes Rib Shack meal, Starbucks coffee, and Ben and Gerry’s ice cream! Anything else for free today? Tell me tell me tell me!

Weekly Re-Cap / Thoughts

- 25 Days of Christmas Blogging! What is that? I’m going to blog every day for 25 days starting on December 1st. EVERY post has to have something about Christmas in it! I’ll be explaining more soon…

- Still praying for the Clem family! Hope Eliana can come home soon!

- Northway Student Ministry officially has a Twitter account!! That’s right!

- Whether you have Twitter or not, send a text to 40404 with a message that says “follow NorthwayUNITED” (minus the quotes). Standard text messaging rates apply. You will receive a message to reply with your name if you don’t already have an account. Reply with your name and then you’re all set! Click HERE to view NSM’s new Twitter page. This is for students, parents, Northway Church folks, non-Northway Church folks etc… Stay updated!

- Want to follow me even if you don’t have Twitter? Text a message to 40404 that says “follow kevinmurrell” (minus the quotes again). Standard text messaging rates still apply! Bummer.

- Following someone on Twitter just means that you receive a text of their update! Kind of like what I have here on the right side of my blog. The NSM Twitter will give important updates and reminders! So will my personal one…sometimes… :)

- This is way too much stuff about Twitter. Moving on…

- Dr. House and Dr. Cuddy had a eight-second smooth on the show House It was weird…I turned my head. Anyone else watch it? It felt like a brother and sister kiss…

- I posted a “Halloween history” thing last week that got a ton of hits! Scroll down to read it if you’ve ever wondered where the holiday came from.

- Oh yeah…one more thing about Twitter…If you followed me on Twitter then you would know that we saw a seeing eye dog take a crap on the floor at Walmart on Saturday! Seriously? Seriously! Get Twitter…

- Leah and I dressed up as tin foil soldiers and surprised some people at their homes with silly string! A video blog about it will be up here this week! It was crazyness!

- UNITED LIVE is this Wednesday with Aaron Cavin in Clifton Park! Aaron was our High School LIFT Camp speaker for the past two summers! He is awesome! Make sure you are there!

- Make sure you vote tomorrow! Are you still undecided? Is Ross Perot still running?

- Leah and I have officially been living in the Capital Region for two years! We love the area and we love Northway Church! I still need to blog more about our transition up here…

- How come no one I’ve ever known has ever been included on these “polls” that are always on the news? Hmmmm…

- 25 Days of Christmas Blogging is coming soon! Anyone else want to participate?


This week’s pic picks:

 Yep…Leah dressed up like this for work on Friday. Yep…I crept into her work without her knowing it and took a picture of her talking to a customer. Yep…she is going to want to throw the computer out for me posting this…More of these tin foil pics to come!!! :)


Maybe what some will pray tomorrow?


I love the new voting machines in Florida!