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HUGE Concert Announcement!

Is it an event? Is it a concert? A conference?

Well, I guess that you can say it’s all three!

Here’s the deal…

What? World Vision Youth Explosion Tour

When? Monday, Februry 23, 2009 at 6:00pm

 Who? Four bands including one headliner and one dynamic speaker.

Who’s the headliner? HAWK NELSON!! (CLICK HERE to view their site)

Who’s the speaker? Joe Baker

This must cost a fortune, right? Nope! $10 per ticket!

Basically, this is going tobe a HUGE event! World Vision is an incredible organization! They have a passion for children and teenagers all across the world! The Youth Explosion Tour is partnering with them to make this event happen.They have a desire to get into the Northeast and called us to do it!

Tickets are already available at by clicking HERE! Get your tickets ahead of time!!!

More info, graphics, e-invites etc… to come soon!!! Spread the word!

I find it hard to believe, but if you’ve never heard of Hawk Nelson, then here’s a couple of their music videos… (Also, this weekend, I’ll post a couple more of their videos)

Video Blog: 30 Hour Famine (6 of 6)

Okay…It was a great weekend! I slept for a very long time last night, but I don’t feel very well today. Oh well.

I am so proud of our students! We honestly had one of the best groups of High School students ever this weekend! I have already explained “why” we did the the 30 Hour Famine, so the only thing left is a video.

 Here is a brief video of part of the event:

30 Hour Famine (4 of ?)

nwaz_02_img0188.jpgWe are almost nine hours into the famine and I AM STARVING! I would love to have a big burger (no cheese), super-size fries, and a super-size diet cherry coke (no lemon!) right now!!! I think that I’ll be okay, though!

Seriously though (not that I wasn’t before)… I am excited to be a part of this famine! After going through this physical hunger for 30 hours, I am guaranteed to not forget about the people in this world that are experiencing this hunger on a permanent basis…even to the point of death. My heart breaks for those people.

I am a big believer in the fact that one person CAN make a difference! The students that are doing this famine CAN make a difference!

Here is a video about how students all across America have what it takes:

(This blog post is all over the place, but I guess it’s because I’m SO HUNGRY! More to come!)

30 Hour Famine (3 of ?)

What is Fasting and why do it as a part of the 30 Hour Famine?

- Fasting is the “act of abstaining from food.” There are many ways to fast, but the most popular and the one that is part of the 30 Hour Famine is a juice fast. We will not eat any food, but will drink water and juice for 30 hours.

- Fasting is an opportunity for people to better focus their thoughts and prayers on things that are most important to God. It’s a way to draw near to God. For the 30 Hour famine, it also allows participants to feel what real hunger feels like — a hunger that is felt by millions of people who are being helped by the funds raised during the event.

- Most types of fasting should be kept to yourself. Matthew 6:17-18 says, But when you fast, comb your hair and wash your face. 18 Then no one will suspect you are fasting, except your Father, who knows what you do in secret. And your Father, who knows all secrets, will reward you. The 30 Hour famine is a little different since they are “raising awareness” to a global crisis…and trying to raise money.

- Some alternatives to fasting include: skipping just one or two meals, abstaining from something for a period of time (chocolate, soda etc…), fasting from talking, fasting from media, or whatever God leads you to give up! What in your life do you care about the most that can take your attention off of God?

What are the health risks?

Back in 1999, Christianity Today did a huge study on fasting. They interviewed some of the worlds best doctors, but found that most doctors do not study fasting in medical school. :) They did find, however, that fasting has a reputation as an alternative therapy practiced by chiropractors, nutritionists, and naturopaths. It has been said (not necessarily proven) to allow the body to heal itself from ailments such as asthma, arthritis, skin disorders, food allergies, hair loss (Yes!), insomnia, and high blood pressure!

Within the first 36-40 hours of an extended fast, the doctors said that the body switches to a protein-saving metabolism after using up glucose reserves in the liver. During a fast, about 90 percent of the body’s glucose comes from fat stores. Most doctors do not recommend fasting for weight loss though! They said that after the fast, most people regain the weight they lost at a faster rate than before. Basically, be careful and consult your doctor about it! :)

Anyway, this is some basic information about fasting!

(I will be back later today with more videos, and updates about the 30 Hour Famine!)



30 Hour Famine (2 of ?)

world_vision_logo.jpgworld_vision_logo.jpgHave you ever heard of World Vision? I love that organization! I have done a lot with them in the past, and they are the one’s behind the whole 30 Hour Famine. They are dedicated to making a difference…one child at a time! One of my favorite quotes of all time is their slogan, “YOU ONLY HAVE ONE LIFE…DO SOMETHING!”

I will post more about them, but for now, here is one of their videos:

30 Hour Famine (1 of ?)


Over the next three days, I will be blogging about the 30 Hour Famine. (Unless I come across a nest of Scorpions or something) We have over 70 High School students, and about 10 adults that are going to be fasting from lunch time tomorrow until dinner on Sat! At first, I was not all about the whole fasting for days at a time thing. My normal feedings are scheduled just about every three hours. As I was looking into this whole event and saw the “WHY?” behind it, then it all started to make sense. I am glad to be a part of it!

The 30 Hour Famine is an international youth movement to fight hunger.

- Each day, over 29,000 children die from preventable diseases such as malnutrition, malaria, diarrhea, and acute respiratory infections. Malnutrition is associated with over half of those deaths.

- More than 852 million people in the world are malnourished – 799 million of them are from the developing world. More than 153 million of them are under the age of 5.

- In developing countries, one child in 10 dies before his fifth birthday. By comparison, in the U.S. one child in 165 will die before turning five years old.

- In the last 50 years, 400 million people worldwide have died from hunger and poor sanitation. That’s three times the number of people killed in all wars fought in the entire 20th century.

- The wealthiest fifth of the world’s people consume an astonishing 86 percent of all goods and services, while the poorest fifth consume 1 percent.

- Of the 6.39 billion people in today’s world, 1.2 billion live on less than $1 per day.

- Malnutrition can severely affect a child’s intellectual development. Children who have stunted growth due to malnutrition score significantly lower on math and language achievement tests than do well-nourished children.

The students that are participating in the famine, are joining thousands of other students across the country in raising money, and also awareness, for those that are affected by hunger.

I am so proud of our students!

(I will be posting a bunch more about this all as we go, including a video later today about world hunger!)