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Someone Help Me!

The time has come. I need to take action. If one more person looks at me and says, “Ooooooh…wooooowwwww…Congratulations! How far along are you?”, then I might loose it. No, I’m not pregnant! Is that even possible? I know it was possible with Arnold Schwarzenegger once (Junior), but not me. Leah isn’t pregnant either! :)

I know that I’m being somewhat facetious (a little), but I know things need to change. I used to run three miles a day and weigh in at 155 pounds wet and fully clothed. Now, I weigh in at an astronomical “mind your own business”.

All I’m trying to say is that I need to eat better and exercise more! I want my calories burned to be greater then my calories eaten. I ran a lot this summer, but my knees were about to buckle under the pressure. Well…not really…but they still hurt.

This is where I need your help… I’m going to make an attempt to join a gym so that I can get into a better routine. Also, I know that if I spend money on something, then I’m not going to just let it go to waste and never use the membership. I’m trying to see if I can use some birthday and Christmas money from relatives for it. Kind of like I am sixteen again.

Where do you go? Or…what have you found to be the best investment?

golds_gym_logo_91_large.jpgGOLD’s GYM:

They recently re-packaged their membership package to make it look like you are only paying $19.99/month. Brilliant marketing! Here’s the scoop…

Pay a one-time $100 fee, plus a yearly $25 fee in June. Then, it’s $19.99/month. In the end, you are pretty much paying the same amount as you would before their new promotion. Requires a two-year contract. $345 total for one year. $490 for the two years. If you join with a friend then you split the $100 fee between the two of you.

SUMMARY: Most buff people to make you feel inadequate. Best equipment and options. Average price. Clean facility. Still too much money. :(


planet_fitness.jpg PLANET FITNESS:

$60 up front (40 plus 20), and then $10/month at their basic package with limited access, but only requires a monthly contract. All-access is $19.99/month, but requires a one-year contract. $180 or $300 total for the year.

SUMMARY: Not the best equipment. Come as you are judgment free zone. Great staff. Cheapest price. Still too much money. :(



$100 one time fee. $50 / month after that. Full access. $700 / year? Whaaaat? If you live in that particular community, then it’s around $39 / month. So…then it’s $468 /year.

SUMMARY: Full access, but will never use all the sports etc… Nice atmosphere. They have the whole “village people” thing going for them. Still waaaaaaay too much money. :(


What to do…what to do…What would you do? I won’t ask what Jesus would do, ’cause I think I have an idea. I have never joined a gym, and would love to. What are your pro’s and con’s etc…? Someone help me! :)