Self Injury Among Teenagers (1 of 6)

r174979_663925.jpgSomeone, somewhere, commits suicide every 18 minutes!

There is an approximate THREE MILLION teenagers, ages 12-17,  each year that think seriously about suicide. Roughly one third, 37 percent, actual tried to do it. Many succeeded.

Good news: Suicide rates among teenagers are dropping each year.

Bad news: Self-Injury among teenagers is on the rise! 

What is self-injury? It is when someone deliberately hurts/injures themselves without the intent of suicide.

I always thought that this was too rare of a thing to make a big deal out of. I was wrong! Over the years, I have heard so many stories about the secret lives of teenagers that hurt themselves (most often in the form of cutting). This is a very serious issue, and is very difficult to detect. Most teenagers that are involved in this are from middle to upper class families, and often have loving parents. Guys and girls both are affected by this, but it is primarily affecting girls. Often, by the time that someone involved in this gets help, they are in there mid to upper twenties, and have been hurting themselves since they were a teenager.

This next week, I will be blogging about self-injury, and specifically about “cutting”. I am doing this in order to help educate myself, and also just to do my part in making people aware of what is going on, and WHY so many people choose to do this. My goal is to inform people about the signs of it, the seriousness of it, and how to get help. I have been studying this for a while now after several people have approached me about someone they knew that was hurting themselves.

I will post resources, links etc…

(As to not be too depressing on here this weekend, I will be posting a video blog about our anniversary trip later) :)

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  • Abz:

    Hi Kevin

    Glad you are trying to educate yourself in this area & promote understanding. It’s often a hard issue for some to grasp, especially if it is unknown to them… as you say, its often a friend of someone who self harms that is looking for answers and cant find them…

    Good luck with it…Abz

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