High School LIFT Camp (#3)

Another great night! Aaron Cavin, who just spoke at our last UNITED event at Northway, is our speaker again this year for camp! God is still using him in an incredible way. Tonight, he really hit our students hard with the fact that when we sin against God, we are cheating on Him. We are saying that what Jesus did on the cross is not enough, and that the sin we are committing is what we need at the time. Aaron went on to explain that even though we constantly choose to many times do wrong, God will always love us and accept us. Are we willing to accept what Jesus did for us on the cross, or are we going to search for other things that we think will meet our needs.

It’s only Tuesday and we have already had FOUR of our students accept Jesus into their lives! There is nothing better than being able to be there and pray with a student when they “get it”.

Oh…we changed our team from just “the red team” to “team awesome”!

More pics and hopefully some video coming on Wednesday!

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