Help! Gas or Electric Scooter? Help!


I think it might be official! Leah and I are going to get a motor scooter! Not the nice old lady kind, or the motorcycle kind, but the the eleven year old kind with a motor attached! I can get a decent deal on Craigslist or Ebay!

One of our cars just blew it’s transmission, so we are down to one car, which needs work itself! Grrrrrr. We were thinking about how we can survive on one car, but maybe we can do it. Leah only works 1-2 miles from where we live, so she can potentially scoot her way to work each day. IT WAS HER IDEA! By the way, I can’t wait to hide along her scoot route with a video camera so I can post it on Youtube for you! Shhhh.

Anyway, theres my story, but I have some questions for you scooter enthusiasts! Please chime in!

- What is better, gas or electric? I figured if she gets stuck, then gas might be the better option. She can keep a mini gas can in her purse or something.

- Do they sell scooter umbrellas for rain? Snow? Ice? Hail?

- Are there laws about helmets? I have a Red Sox baseball helmet, would that be acceptable?

- I noticed that there are some scooters that have the option for a seat. Does that throw off your balance?41jqm50me5l__sl210_.jpg

- How are motor scooters on mountain roads in case I want to scoot to church on the weekends, so Leah can drive and meet me at the later service?

- Would getting a scooter just be way too silly?

Please let me know what your thoughts are, even if you can only answer one question! I need your help! :)

(By the way, NO! Leah would not scoot through ice and hail…just rain and light snow!)  :)

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  • Thumper:

    It seems that electric is a lot cheaper. They start at @ a little over $100.00 and up. Gas ones seem to be closer to $1,000.00. Gas will require a lot more maintenance, with changing spark plugs, fuel filters, etc. Gas ones will go faster.

    This is what I found on the NYS DMV site. “Motorized Scooters, Mini-Bikes, Dirt Bikes, Go-Karts, Motor Assisted Bicycles -
    You cannot register any of the motorized devices from the list below in NYS. You cannot operate these devices on sidewalks, public streets or highways in NYS. These devices are motor vehicles, but they do not have the correct equipment or design for operation on roadways.

    Motorized Scooter – a device with a motor attached and a handlebar for a standing rider. An example of a motorized scooter is the device called the Go-ped®.
    Mini-bike – a small, motorized device with two wheels and created for off-road use. A mini-bike does not qualify as a moped, a motorcycle or an ATV.
    Dirt Bike – a motorized device like a motorcycle, but created for and used for off-road use. Some “dirt bikes” qualify as an ATV. These vehicles can register and operate off-road as an ATV.
    Go-Kart – a small, motorized device with four wheels, created for off-road use. You cannot register a go-kart as a motor vehicle or ATV because a go-kart does not have the same equipment.
    Motor-assisted Bicycle – a bicycle to which a small motor is attached. A motor-assisted bicycle does not qualify for a registration as a motorcycle, moped or ATV and does not have the same equipment.
    These devices are not allowed on any street, highway, parking lot, sidewalk or other area that allows public motor vehicle traffic. You are subject to arrest if you operate one of these motorized vehicles and do not have a registration, driver license, inspection, insurance or correct equipment. The DMV can not provide any information about operation of these devices on private property. Contact the local authorities and property owners.” The website for this is:

    We had a lady in Stillwater who used to own a small scooter. She was histerical. The girls called her “Scooter Lady”. She had a Christian “bumper sticker” on her bike so we tried to be kind. I guess we should be anyhow. Woops. :-) She now owns a moped, wears a helmet and seems to operate on all of the roads in and out of Stillwater and Mechanicville. I don’t know if this helps.

  • Great info! That answers a lot! I might have to get her a dirt bike then if she can’t ride the scooter legally. That stinks! haha… i think I have seen that scooter lady going up route 4! pretty funny

  • Mike D:

    The gas ones go faster, but the repairs and noise might be frustrating. The battery ones are slower, but easier to maintain. i don’t know about the laws though.

  • Tim:

    I have a electric one, but i don’t know that laws. I just don’t go on any main roads.

  • Haha…That’s awesome, but I think that would be a broken neck waiting to happen! :)

  • Marti:

    Oh man, where do I start…gonna sound like a “Mom” here…I HATE motorcycles (in all forms) on roads, and most of the reason i hate scooters is for the same reasons….1. A pal is STILL on crutches after 2 months when he broke his pelvis & arm after an encounter with another motor vehicle on the road…others just don’t see you! 2. They don’t function well in any kind of weather. Ever hydroplane with a car? 2 wheelers are even worse – and don’t forget winter. 3. As has been pointed out, you can’t legally get to anywhere around here – so not real practical. 4. Electric doesn’t have much range (and it does take oil/gas/coal to generate the electricity, and batteries have yet to be developed which can be recycled or go in a landfill safely) but I cringe at thinking of gasoline in my purse… And so on… Ever think about a small car/truck (2nd hand) for those short trips? Or the bus routes are getting better (still not the best in Mechanicville though). So, I guess you see where I stand…

  • Thanks Marti! I’m glad that you care for our well-being! :) I was kidding about the gas in the purse thing…haha It’s looking less and less likely that I will be able to get a scooter…Oh well!

  • Why not use a regular ol’ bike? Or those crazy looking roller blades that Cesar Milan wears when he’s out running the dogs around? After all, it’s only 1-2 miles.
    No matter what you/she rides, you have to wear a helmet. It’s not worth risking getting a head trauma injury, IMHO.

  • Gas prices at this time in Lexington, KY are around $2.00 a gal. However, the oil companies hook us and then have us pay more for gas inn cycles. I don’t trust them and I will continue to ride my electric bike as much as possible.

    By the way, these are the most incredible bikes I have ever seen. Thanks for an incredible blog!

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