Belated Weekly Re-Cap / Thoughts

- Didn’t get to blog yesterday for obvious reasons…

- ED YOUNG was at Northway Church yesterday for the C3 conference!

- It was amazing seeing so many leaders from the Northeast come out to this event!

- Leah got to be Ed’s green room assistant. She could probably care less, but I was like a kid in a candy shop.

- The worship team was incredible, the Northway VIP’s were incredible, Ed was incredible, Chad and Deana were incredible with planning the whole thing!

- We were out from before sunrise until after sunset yesterday. I did not want to wake up to go to work this morning. I’m really really physically just tired.

- I got to go see Baby Avery last night at the hospital! She is beautiful! That was the highlight of the week! I still feel awkward around babies, but I’m warming up. Maybe I’ll try holding her sometime. Do I have to sign a waiver?

- Leah’s family came for the weekend. It was a lot of fun. We went to Bowman’s Orchard¬†and some other cool places.¬†Another reason I’m tired though. :)

- URGENT PRAYER REQUEST: Please pray for the Red Sox to recover from their horribleness. I can’t handle it anymore.

- It was exactly two years ago that Leah and I were visiting this area trying to find an apartment. I’ll be blogging about our two year Upper State Anniversary soon. We moved here fifteen days later.

- UNITED is tomorrow night at 6:30 and we’re splitting Middle School and High School. It is going to be awesome!


I don’t like to glory in other people’s misfortune, but this is one of the greatest pictures of all time…


This one too…


3 Responses to “Belated Weekly Re-Cap / Thoughts”

  • Kaitie:

    hey does northway still sell bibles? b.c mine burned when my house kinda caught fire the other day….
    and i would liek to replace it asap =) and if so how much are they? I’ll try to make it to united but i am in scotia now so idk if that would work

  • Wow…Kaitie! Sorry to hear about the fire! Are you guys okay?

    How about I just give you one? What kind did you have? Just let mek now!

  • Kaitie:

    yea im ok. just a bad cough. i had NIV. im lucky. God took one house but he didn’t leave me homeless. i have my Grandma’s. Which is where i am now. I lost most of my stuff but i’m fine and so is my younger sister and that is the main thing. God most have a reason for this. For now this is where i will live. i can’t go to united tomorrow but i will be in there sunday. Now we are just working at replaceing everything. My dad lost everything, and what was not burned, is still ruined. So whatever God plan is for this, it has good in the end. Like i always say, if you want a rainbow, you have to go thu the rain.
    See you sunday! =)

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