Someone Help Me!

The time has come. I need to take action. If one more person looks at me and says, “Ooooooh…wooooowwwww…Congratulations! How far along are you?”, then I might loose it. No, I’m not pregnant! Is that even possible? I know it was possible with Arnold Schwarzenegger once (Junior), but not me. Leah isn’t pregnant either! :)

I know that I’m being somewhat facetious (a little), but I know things need to change. I used to run three miles a day and weigh in at 155 pounds wet and fully clothed. Now, I weigh in at an astronomical “mind your own business”.

All I’m trying to say is that I need to eat better and exercise more! I want my calories burned to be greater then my calories eaten. I ran a lot this summer, but my knees were about to buckle under the pressure. Well…not really…but they still hurt.

This is where I need your help… I’m going to make an attempt to join a gym so that I can get into a better routine. Also, I know that if I spend money on something, then I’m not going to just let it go to waste and never use the membership. I’m trying to see if I can use some birthday and Christmas money from relatives for it. Kind of like I am sixteen again.

Where do you go? Or…what have you found to be the best investment?

golds_gym_logo_91_large.jpgGOLD’s GYM:

They recently re-packaged their membership package to make it look like you are only paying $19.99/month. Brilliant marketing! Here’s the scoop…

Pay a one-time $100 fee, plus a yearly $25 fee in June. Then, it’s $19.99/month. In the end, you are pretty much paying the same amount as you would before their new promotion. Requires a two-year contract. $345 total for one year. $490 for the two years. If you join with a friend then you split the $100 fee between the two of you.

SUMMARY: Most buff people to make you feel inadequate. Best equipment and options. Average price. Clean facility. Still too much money. :(


planet_fitness.jpg PLANET FITNESS:

$60 up front (40 plus 20), and then $10/month at their basic package with limited access, but only requires a monthly contract. All-access is $19.99/month, but requires a one-year contract. $180 or $300 total for the year.

SUMMARY: Not the best equipment. Come as you are judgment free zone. Great staff. Cheapest price. Still too much money. :(



$100 one time fee. $50 / month after that. Full access. $700 / year? Whaaaat? If you live in that particular community, then it’s around $39 / month. So…then it’s $468 /year.

SUMMARY: Full access, but will never use all the sports etc… Nice atmosphere. They have the whole “village people” thing going for them. Still waaaaaaay too much money. :(


What to do…what to do…What would you do? I won’t ask what Jesus would do, ’cause I think I have an idea. I have never joined a gym, and would love to. What are your pro’s and con’s etc…? Someone help me! :)

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  • John:

    Wait until after the new year and take advantage of the new year’s resolution sales.

  • funny thing…even if you are paying for it, it won’t make you leave your warm house in mid january, drive through snow and wind for 20 minutes to get to the gym so you can run on a treadmill for 30 minutes.

  • Bill:

    I feel your pain!
    My problem-o is that I would look to a gym, a Perfect Pushup, some schmancy Bowflex2000 Turbo edition, the latest cool Holywood Workout article, some papaya and twizzlers miracle diet etc etc… and still I was an out of shape girly man. Always looking OUTSIDE for something to fix or motivate me.
    But after a lot of serious thought I SWORE that if I plunked down the dough I’d never let it go to waste… but guess what I did? I let it go to waste.

    I barely made it 1-2x/week to the hamster wheel emporium aka “gym” I was paying for and tripped over my dusty exercize gizmos until I faced facts & put them in the closet and admitted…I just ain’t gonna’ use this stuff, I’m not in enough pain to say “enough’s enough, girlyman!” I had to get real & get honest: I like TV & cookies too much. Life’s hard enough as is. Exercize is not fun. I deserve some couch time.

    The good news is, I had a sweet rack for drying & hanging clothes! (see Bowflex2000 ugh)

    Personally, I think it’s all carrot & stick. I’m more of a ‘stick guy.’ You have to find your own motivation. Do you want to be a hot, healthy dude for yourself, wife & future kids in 50 years?
    Or do you NOT want to leave your wife, kids & the world in 30 …& be an unhealthy, weezing mess in the meantime?

    The latter got me. It was my “hitting bottom” as they say.
    I finally had to resolve once & for all that I don’t care what the inconvenience, the so-called cost, the discomfort, the laughing of Barbies & Kens w/bodies of steel …I have got to do it for myself- no matter what.

    Maybe watching a Rocky movie 1ce/week for a few months’ll get you moving, too. Try anything! lol

    Did those old timer circus dudes in the leopard Tarzan outfits & curly moustaches have a Gold’s on every block? No, but they could clean & press you & then throw you across the room. Forget pretty. Go to a playground and do pullups on the swing set.
    Swing a sledge hammer into an old tire or the dirt.
    Lift a cement block over your head. Heck, use a decent rock you can find anywhere! Shot put that baby, run to it, hurl it over your shoulder/behind you & then run to it again…repeat.
    Fill a bucket with water and lift it a few times.
    Invent the WWJD workout, bro! Hammering or sawing anything that’s overhead is a killer! Lug a 2×6(or 8!) up & down the yard for a few laps, lift it overhead 20x. Carpenters are buff, strong, in shape dudes! Shake their hand and you gotta check if yours is still attached to your wrist!

    Drop right now and do 5 push ups. Do it again in an hour. And the next hour. Then up it to 6 tomorrow.
    Start small but do it: 10 & 10 every night- pushups, sit ups. Don’t feel trapped by the “I gotta join a gym to be in shape” thing. Commit to your 10 & 10 before dropping cabbage you can use for something else.

    Sorry about the “book” but I really know where your head is at. Ask Buddy about what finally turned the switch for him!
    In my experience ya just get to a point of being disgusted & mad.

    There are options cheaper than PF, Golds, The Y (Can you believe the Y is so expensive?!?!), too, if you’d like the positive association & positive peer pressure. There’s def something to be said about that…but for now just go cheap & prove that YOU want it for YOU.
    Then again, you’re probably not a flake like me & will actually go to the gym if you join! I deprive the wife of enough goodies she deserves so I just can’t go back to that monthy expense. Not on my salary!

    I’ll see you around & we can shoot the breeze if ya want. I’ve got your back & am here to support you in any way you’d like & any way I can.

    Now, drop & give YOURSELF 5.
    And tonight… 10 and 10!

  • Andrew Hart:

    Join planet fitness man. Ashley and I have a membership there, and we love it. We paid for the black card membership for $20 a month in Ashley’s name. It gives you unlimited guest privileges. Which means, anytime Ash goes I can go for free. If you guys want to work out together it can save a ton of money. Plus you can probably get out of the sign-up fee. The equipment is fine there (at least in Rotterdam where i go). I don’t picture you trying to be the world’s strongest man, so i think it would work out for ya. Good luck!

  • @ John – haha…smart idea! I knew I could count on you!

    @ Stevo – What? Don’t underestimate the power of my Jeep! Oh wait…the heater just broke…

    @ Bill – you are creative and funny!

    @ Andrew – I just visited the Planet Fitness in Clifton Park…It’s okay…everything is purple! haha

    What does everyone else think??????????????

  • Mike D:

    Hilarious dude! Hilarious! I weigh a whole lot of mind your own business too!

  • Jake:

    Nothing beats Gold’s Gym! Pretty funny post.

  • Marti:

    I’m a member of MyGym in Ballston Spa but that’s a bit out of your way. And believe me, like real estate, when it comes to joining a gym remember, LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION!!! Whichever you pick, pick some place that you drive right by twice a day. That way you can’t use the excuse of it being out of the way or no time to drive there.

  • @Mike – Glad we can relate!

    @ Jake – thanks for the input!

    @ Marti – As usual…great wisdom! The only one I drive near at all is Gold’s Gym cause it’s right next door to the church.

  • Lori:

    Try doing sit ups! I have done at least 50 a day almost everyday since I was in H.S. and it really helps that mid section, lol! :)

  • ok… if you are just looking for cheapest cost… you will get what you pay for. if you are looking for the BEST results… take my 6 week program BOOTCAMP CHALLENGE.
    brian is taking it starting this week. results are guaranteed……. and i have proof from the past ohhhh 250-300 people i have trained in the past 11 months.
    check it out

    take th eprogram for 6 weeks… get huge results and then join the cheapest gym for you to keep doing what you have learned in bootcamp.

  • @ Lori – Thanks for the encouragement…haha

    @ Brooke – Definitely interested! Spoke to Brian about it some today… Sounds like a program that works!

  • I love the Clifton Park YMCA! Having flat screens in front of every cardio machine got my butt to the gym for a couple years…when I worked across the street. Switched to Toga and I’ve been twice…no glat screens. Except you have to smell the freshly baked bread at subway every time you work out…it’s a toss up.

  • Okay, Kevin, you are on the right track! I think gyms are great, however, they do require a commitment of time AND money. But, what doesn’t that’s worth achieving? Hey, if it were easy and cheap, there’d be no fat people, then where’d we be? Oh, well, you know what I mean.

    Anyways, my advice to you is to find the gym that looks and feels the best to you and try the two-week free offer that they SHOULD offer you. Try before you buy. Also, there are some great online fitness sites that can truly help you out. I happen to have built one myself. I’m a certified fitness trainer and I built my site with good solid content and it’s all FREE! Did I mention it’s free? Check it out at

    The problem with many folks is that they join a gym without a clue as to what to do once they sign on the dotted line. Then they go for a while, do poorly structured workouts, see little results, and quit.

    That is where a good trainer comes in handy. At the very least, arm yourself with some knowledge. If you don’t want or can’t pay a trainer, at least do some homework and Google for some info on how to exercise and train smart.

    Or just check out my site and browse till your heart’s content. I hope it helps you out. I’ve worked out both in gyms and at home. You could consider a home gym, but I find that being around other people can be very inspiring, not to mention you have a bunch more toys to choose from at a gym; hence, a much more versatile, effective, and fun workout.

    Whatever you decide to do, good luck! And kudos to you for deciding to get off the proverbial couch and move! Please don’t hesitate to contact me for any help or advice.

    All the best,


  • @ Libby – That’s cool…I still have yet to visit the YMCA…Loving the flat screen option…

    @ Linda – Thanks for the info…I will def check out your site! Thanks!

  • Paul D:


    My wife and I have been working out @ “My Gym” in Ballston Spa. I’ve only been to 1 Gold’s gym in my life and wasn’t to crazy about it, lots of grunting and groaning from wanna be “hulksters”. What we like about MyGym is the “friendly” atmosphere of the staff and members. Everybody treats you like family, nice to talk to and great advice. Best advice is to find someplace you are comfortable going to, more likely you’ll stick with it.

  • Paul – That’s the second recommendation for “My Gym”. Hmmmm…I’ll have to check it out! Thanks! I agree about the “grunting and groaning” of Gold’s Gym. It makes me feel small. :)

  • seth:

    I go to Planet Fitness, not sure what the ones are like there, but ours has a pretty good setup and lots of equipment…

    If the price isn’t working for you, check out something like

    I know a couple of people on that program and it really does work, but yes, it does come down to motivation.

    One of most simple things to do is stop eating out. That will do 2 things for you.

    1. The portions are way too big for a normal meal (they actually are usually about 2 – 3 servings on average).
    2. The money you save will give you $$ for the gym/workout program you choose.

    Check out this plan:

    I followed this plan for 3 weeks and it really got things going. It kicked my butt, and wasn’t the funniest thing to do, but also loss 15 pounds and dropped my body fat percentage by 5% in 3 weeks.

    If you want to know more about it, just let me know….

  • Thanks Seth! Sounds good…I will look into that!

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