I Voted For…

…who I thought would be the best choice for America.

Whaaaaat? You thought I was going to tell you?

Hmmmmm…Why is that such a private issue? We probably should be able to share who we voted for, right? Unless of course we are one of those people standing in the street this morning holding a sign with a big name on it. It’s kind of obvious who they are voting for. (I wasn’t one of them, but would of if they paid me) Although, if they do get paid, then that doesn’t necessarily mean that they are voting for that person. Why would a volunteer hold a sign of some random person they can care less about. Right?

Enough rambling… Should I tell you? I don’t know! Why do I feel like I’m posting my social security number and bank account info if I tell you?

I honestly don’t care if people know who I voted for, but I need to know the answers to my question first. Why is it so private?

Who did you vote for? I know! Exactly! You feel violated now, right? It’s such a loaded question in this election.


By the way, I voted in the smallest little town hall thing ever! I was the only one there to vote at the time, and I had to stand behind the curtain with three old ladies…I mean elderly ladies sitting at a table seriously two feet from the curtain. (Small room) Awkward! They just stared at me! I might as well have been behind the stall in the ladies room with them sitting there.

First of all, when I registered with the three elderly ladies, I signed next to the wrong name. Whoops! Erin Murowski won’t have a place to sign now. Definitely their fault though. Then, I didn’t know how to work the curtain. Then, IĀ pulled all of the tabsĀ under the “independent” row by accident. I then switched to my appropriate row. There was like three Obama’s and three McCains to choose from (one for each party I geuss). Very confusing. (And I’m not saying I voted for either one of them or that I didn’t :) ) And, NO, I’m not really dumb! I promise! Whatever…


Anyway, should I be able to tell you who I voted for? I want to but I’m so nervous. I can proclaim the name of Jesus all day long, but am ashamed of proclaiming who I voted for. Hmmmmm. Please weigh in…

9 Responses to “I Voted For…”

  • Jake:

    I voted for McCain…there I said it. It is a loaded question and people give you stares if you didn’t vote for their guy.

  • Mike D:

    I guess it is just another anonymous thing that we get to do. Some people care and some don’t. I voted for McCain though.

  • Lori:

    You can absolutely tell us who you voted for without shame because it is a free country. I personally have told anyone who has asked, including my students, that I have voted for McCain. No apologies there….and hopefully if I influenced one person’s vote then it was worth it to me… :)

  • Thanks for your responses! Great input!

    Anyone else? :)

  • eric:

    Totally voted McCain! Proud of and yelled it at the poles. Then off to Starbucks for my free coffee! Love it

  • @ Eric – Yeah…I was proud to vote for McCain. (There I said it…haha)

  • Marti:

    It was interesting…late afternoon our guy from Schwanns showed up at the door to deliver food and he had taken an informal poll of people from his rounds and his results were 10-0…all for McCain. Then again, this is in Saratoga County in a heavily Republican area…Never be afraid to say who you voted for! Just be sure you have good reasons for voting for that person and can back them up – on the spot – when confronted by the opposition. Yes, I also voted McCain. Ah well, we pray that Obama takes guidance from above, and even if not, well, it’s only 4 years and we get to do it all over again.

  • Right on, Marti!

    I enjoyed messing with people though! :)

  • Marti:

    I just heard on Air1 radio – a fellow said yesterday that “Tomorrow we’ll have a new president. But remember, Jesus is King FOREVER!” Lest we forget…

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