Day 15: Vote For Which Carol I Will Sing Tomorrow!!



Only 10 more days until Christmas and only 3 more ’til my birthday!! Avoid exit 15 at all costs if you are going shopping! It is a bottomless pit of traffic and bad drivers! Go to Crossgates Mall or Colonie Center! It will be worth it! I like exclamation points!



The third law of Christmas, according to Elf – The Movie, is “The Fastest Way to Spread Christmas Cheer Is By Singing Loud For All To Hear”. Well, I am going to spread so much stinkin’ Christmas cheer tomorrow, that you are going to flip out!

For some reason Leah is trying to discourage me. She is not being supportive at all. She used words like “embarrassment”, “foolish”, “blog boycotts”, “shun”, “get comfortable on the couch”, and “you couldn’t sing if your life depended on it”. Maybe Leah needs to sing a Christmas Carol and eat sugar plums. (Obviously Leah wasn’t that mean, but she does think that I should not do this!)

Either way, I AM GOING TO DO THIS!  Tomorrow! On this blog!

Based on my voice range, I narrowed my song choices down to three songs. It is a little “echoey” in my shower (yeah…that’s where I practice), but I think I can sing any of three songs.

I need your help! Vote for the song that I will sing tomorrow! Leave a comment, or for those of you that don’t like to do that, then email me by using the link to the right! I will sing whichever song gets the most votes.

Here are the choices:

1. Joy To The World

2. O Holy Night

3. Hark The Harold Angels Sing 

Everyone needs to vote today! Please don’t leave it up to everyone else! If you are reading this, then you need to vote! Then, come back tomorrow morning for a full dose of Christmas cheer!

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