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Students and Media (2 of 2)

brian-head-on-multitask-image-copy.jpg(Brian said that I was fired yesterday for putting this picture on here, so I figured that I had nothing to lose today by posting it again)

Yesterday I posted a bunch of statistics (Scroll down to the previous post) about students and media. It is really probably not a shock to most people. It is a reality that we live with every day, even in our own lives as adults.

Again, I love media and use it everyday. I am just trying to sort through ways that in my own life I can get a handle on this, but then also help students. I think the main problem is when we get so busy with multi-tasking and always trying to be so busy (whether with media or other things), that we fly through life without experiencing everything that God wants us to, as well as missing the opportunities to make a difference in the lives around us.

So, how do you stay on track? How do you teach students to have a godly Worldview? How do you filter what is coming into your eyes and ears?

This post isn’t really “solution oriented”, but I’m just trying to get some thoughts out there. I definitely don’t have all the answers. What I am going to be doing each week leading into the Fall, is post about this stuff. I’ll post stuff about youth culture, whether good or bad. It will help me study about this, but also I want to get information out there in the blog world. Youth Culture is changing everyday, and it is important to understand how to teach students how to live the way God wants us to when everything around us is changing.

I  hope you check this out next week as I begin with a couple of posts. I’m looking forward to it!

(Also, I’ll be posting some pictures (and maybe a video)  this weekend from our recent trip to Virginia!)