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Video Blog: UNITED Kick-Off Video…CHECK IT OUT!

Here is a video from UNITED on this past Wednesday!

It includes:

- The first few minutes of our UNITED service.

- Tons of pictures

- Band footage

- A clip from Pastor Buddy‘s talk.

30 Hour Famine (4 of ?)

nwaz_02_img0188.jpgWe are almost nine hours into the famine and I AM STARVING! I would love to have a big burger (no cheese), super-size fries, and a super-size diet cherry coke (no lemon!) right now!!! I think that I’ll be okay, though!

Seriously though (not that I wasn’t before)… I am excited to be a part of this famine! After going through this physical hunger for 30 hours, I am guaranteed to not forget about the people in this world that are experiencing this hunger on a permanent basis…even to the point of death. My heart breaks for those people.

I am a big believer in the fact that one person CAN make a difference! The students that are doing this famine CAN make a difference!

Here is a video about how students all across America have what it takes:

(This blog post is all over the place, but I guess it’s because I’m SO HUNGRY! More to come!)

30 Hour Famine (2 of ?)

world_vision_logo.jpgworld_vision_logo.jpgHave you ever heard of World Vision? I love that organization! I have done a lot with them in the past, and they are the one’s behind the whole 30 Hour Famine. They are dedicated to making a difference…one child at a time! One of my favorite quotes of all time is their slogan, “YOU ONLY HAVE ONE LIFE…DO SOMETHING!”

I will post more about them, but for now, here is one of their videos:

30 Hour Famine (1 of ?)


Over the next three days, I will be blogging about the 30 Hour Famine. (Unless I come across a nest of Scorpions or something) We have over 70 High School students, and about 10 adults that are going to be fasting from lunch time tomorrow until dinner on Sat! At first, I was not all about the whole fasting for days at a time thing. My normal feedings are scheduled just about every three hours. As I was looking into this whole event and saw the “WHY?” behind it, then it all started to make sense. I am glad to be a part of it!

The 30 Hour Famine is an international youth movement to fight hunger.

- Each day, over 29,000 children die from preventable diseases such as malnutrition, malaria, diarrhea, and acute respiratory infections. Malnutrition is associated with over half of those deaths.

- More than 852 million people in the world are malnourished – 799 million of them are from the developing world. More than 153 million of them are under the age of 5.

- In developing countries, one child in 10 dies before his fifth birthday. By comparison, in the U.S. one child in 165 will die before turning five years old.

- In the last 50 years, 400 million people worldwide have died from hunger and poor sanitation. That’s three times the number of people killed in all wars fought in the entire 20th century.

- The wealthiest fifth of the world’s people consume an astonishing 86 percent of all goods and services, while the poorest fifth consume 1 percent.

- Of the 6.39 billion people in today’s world, 1.2 billion live on less than $1 per day.

- Malnutrition can severely affect a child’s intellectual development. Children who have stunted growth due to malnutrition score significantly lower on math and language achievement tests than do well-nourished children.

The students that are participating in the famine, are joining thousands of other students across the country in raising money, and also awareness, for those that are affected by hunger.

I am so proud of our students!

(I will be posting a bunch more about this all as we go, including a video later today about world hunger!)

Video Blog: A Walk Through UNITED

We had our last UNITED event of the school year on Sunday! It was a great first year of this event! Our adult leaders and student leaders were awesome at making this event successful! We had the best band (they should make a cd)! We had some of the best speakers (Pastor Buddy, Brian, Aaron Cavin, etc…)! We had the best production team behind us (Thanks Dave, Sam, and team)!

Northway Student Ministry will be going full force this summer, but for now, we are done with UNITED until the Fall! We have the 30 Hr famine, Camp(s), and tons of other stuff this summer to look forward to!

Check out this video that “kind of” walks us through the whole day of UNITED! It get’s better as you go! I promise! :)

Huge UNITED Announcement!!

As you probably already know…

 UNITEDis this Sunday night at Northway Church – Clifton Park! This will be the last UNITED of the school year, but it’s going to be HUGE! 

 Why? Well…because UNITED is always huge, but there is something even HUGERER going on!

Ok, I’ll just tell you!  

Aaron Cavin is coming to speak at UNITED!

Who is Aaron Cavin? He was our High School Lift Camp speaker last year that helped spark the REVOLUTION (watch this video) in our students! So much of the incredible stuff that has taken place at Northway in the past year can be traced back to 18 high school students that went to camp last year! Aaron was who God used to help start that.

Well, we are really excited to have Aaron here with us this weekend! He is speaking at our High School Lift Camp again this year! We already have about 100 students going to camp this year! If you haven’t yet signed up, make sure you do it this weekend!

We want every student at Northway to make sure that they are there this Sunday night!!! We want to pack that place out with over 300 students! Parents, please make sure your student doesn’t miss this special night!

Question From a Student (#10)

CLICK HERE to view the other questions.


QUESTION (PART 2): How can I have a better “self-image”?

There are so many people for us to look up to! There are the people on the front of magazines, people in movies etc… that we sometimes feel like we have to look like in order to be accepted. Some people in the movies are so “perfect” that we think we can never live up to that! When we take these thoughts, and we add to them the harsh remarks people have said about us, or even just the things about us that we are not satisfied with, it creates this black cloud around us called poor self-image!

How we look at ourselves, our “self-image”, largely determines how we look at everything else. It filters our thoughts on everything, and determines whether we will react bravely or timidly. It determines if we will initiate our own activity or criticize the efforts of others. Proverbs 4:23 says, “Above all else, guard your heart, for it affects everything that you do.” How we view ourselves is so important in our search for the answers to life issues.

Have you ever been around someone that is just always positive, cheery, and confident? That is all primarily produced by a positive self-image. Our self-image affects our attitude (Proverbs 15:13), our physical health (Proverbs 17:22), and influence the attitude of our peers (Proverbs 18:14). It also leaves us vulnerable to the attacks of the enemy (Proverbs 27:8).

Since so much of our life an be affected by our self-image, how do you make sure we are okay?

Start with this question: Where do you find your identity? 

“I am my job”     “I am what I look like to others”

“I am the experiences I’ve had”     “I am what I’m good at”

“I am what my parents are”     “I am how I look at myself”

The list could go on and on! Having thought like that can lead to a lot of discontentment in your life. Because your job isn’t always going to be glamorous, and you’re not always going to look just right, and MOST of the time your experiences don’t resemble a movie—they’re just ordinary and everyday.

We all have an idea of what “cool” is,  what a “tough guy” is, what a “cute girl” looks like or acts like, and we think that if we don’t act or look this way then we are worthless! No one can live up to the guy in the movie who after 40 takes looks perfect with all the right make-up on and the music in the background, but we tend to compare ourselves to that anyway! Even that actor can’t compare to that in real life!

How much do you think media affects your self-image:  _____ Not at All     _____ Some     _____ A Lot   You can try to tune out all of the garbage we get fed in this world, but still feel empty because of the way you look at yourself! When you let God invade your heart, you can then begin to see exactly how God looks at you. Only then can begin to piece together the amazing image that God sees when He sees you!

Are you willing to believe what God says about you and your worth and image?

On your own, read Psalm 139:13-18. This tells us that before we were ever born, God formed us and put us together! What an amazing thought! God spent a lot of time working on you because He wanted you to be exactly as you are! God can’t make junk or garbage!! Whatever God makes, He makes it awesome. It doesn’t matter what other people say about you. All that matters is God’s opinion of us, and He says that He loves us the way we are.

Ephesians 2:10 says, “For we are God’s masterpiece. He has created us anew in Christ Jesus, so that we can do the good things he planned for us long ago.” God has a plan for your life. The question is, ARE YOU LETTING SELF-IMAGE GET IN THE WAY OF WHAT GOD WANTS FOR YOU? DO YOU TRULY FIND YOUR IDENTITY IN GOD? God wants the very best for us. Keep reading God’s Word and be willing to tune out the stuff that the world is screaming at you!

I encourge you to look up and read the verses above, and ask God how you can have a better self-image, so that you can fully do what God has for your life.